Thursday, December 15, 2011

Before The Shot (Update)

Here is a visual timeline of images right before "the shot" that was used to illustrate Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2011 "The Protester."
I started off with a wide angle lens and wasn't really feeling the image. Once Sarah Mason put on her bandana, which was soaked in vinegar just in case the LAPD decided to use tear gas on her and her fellow protesters, I knew it would have to be a tight shot. Immediately I switched to a 70-200 zoom lens and shot about 5 frames of Sarah close up. The "one" shot stood out to me instantly and I knew no more needed to be taken.


Found an image of Sarah marching in downtown LA taken a month before "the shot." Was going through my archives looking for another image and ran across this one.
One month before taking" the shot" at a protest in downtown LA. Sarah (L) marching. 10-15-2011

Wide angle. 
Still wide.

Adding vinegar to their bandanas.

A wide tight shot, still not quite right.

Went wide once again.

Right before 'the image."

Time cover.
Photos by Ted Soqui © 2011