Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glow Festival in Santa Monica

The Glow Festival at the beach in Santa Monica. Over 150 thousand people walked around and enjoyed the evening arts festival which ran late in the evening.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2013
Javanese dancing on the beach.

Big bird on the beach.

Javanese gamelan and dancing at midnite.

Glow in the dark art.

Javanese mask dance.

Friday, September 20, 2013

LA Parking Day

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti held meetings with local east side residents on First Street.
His make-shift office, a former parking spot, featured live grass along fancy lamps and seating in the waiting area.
Parking Day is celebrated nation wide and started back in 2005. Several parking spots around the city are turned in to art installations and make-ship rest areas.

Photo by Ted Soqui © 2013
LA Mayor Garcetti meeting with East Los residents.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Villaraigosa Concourse Opens at LAX

The new $1.9 billion dollar Villaraigosa concourse at LAX opened today.
A giant Airbus A380 broke through a banner to celebrate the opening. The new concourse features new luxury shopping and dinning for international travelers at the Tom Bradley International Terminal.
Construction continues at LAX to improve the airport and is expected to cost $4.1 billion dollars and take 5 years to complete.
This is also the largest public works in LA's history.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2013
First A380 at the new concourse.

Former and present mayor's of Los Angeles

Luxury shopping at LAX

Villaraigosa concourse at LAX.

Mayor Garcetti speaking with travelers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Occupy Wall Street Movement Second Anniversary

Today marks the second anniversary of the Occupy movement which began at Zuccotti Park near Wall Street in New York City.
The occupation also had a huge presence in Los Angeles with hundreds of people camped out on the grounds of LA City Hall.
One city block. (click to see larger)

Last eve of the occupation of LA.

10 days.

Protester in front of LA Times Building.

Marching up Broadway.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2011

Sunday, September 15, 2013

LA in Black and White

LA seen in black and white this weekend.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2013
Under the 6th Street bridge.

Brooks saddle at the Farmers Market.

Peter singing on the Venice boardwalk.

Tattoos at Venice Beach.

Venice Beach skatepark.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 Memorial at Pepperdine

Nearly 3000 flags marking lives lost on 9/11 on the great lawn at Pepperdine University in Malibu. Angelenos and University students sat and walked among the giant memorial.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

AFL-CIO Convention (Updated)

The AFL-CIO convention begins in downtown LA. Thousands of union delegates held their first day of meetings and introductions. The convention continues till Wednesday at the convention center.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2013
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka delivering his keynote.
Union delegates.
Union delegates.
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka delivers his keynote.

Former AFL-CIO President John Sweeney.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at a press briefing.

Union delegates.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Angels Flight Derails

Angels Flight, the world's shortest railway, derailed earlier today. Six passengers were assisted from the funicular railcar which is stuck mid-track. The steel wheels can been seen completely off the tracks.
The 113 year old railway has been plagued by crashes, and one death that occurred back in 2001.
No one was injured in today's accident.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2013
Last car.

Wheels off track.

Stuck mid-track.

Listing funicular car.