Thursday, February 17, 2011

Banksy And Mr. Brainwash Paint The Town (Updated) (Updated again)

Street artist and director of the Academy Award nominated film "Exit Through The Gift Shop" again painted some new artwork on the walls of Los Angeles. Two pieces popped up this morning. One is located on the Sunset strip on the side of an abandoned building. A Charlie Brown character holding a gasoline can and smoking a cigarette look like he is about to torch the building.
The other is in Beverly Hills. A dog is taking a massive piss, spraying across the length of a building.
Also spotted this fantastic piece by Mr. Brainwash, Thierry Guetta a character in "Exit Through The Gift Shop," on La Brea Ave. This piece has been up for a couple of weeks. It features a giant Oscar in a hoodie, with several Star Wars Storm Troopers surrounding it. It even come complete with a red carpet painted on the sidewalk.

(Actually this piece has been here for a while, it's new to me though.)
Now a third piece on Broadway in downtown L.A. A young girl on a swing that hangs off of a painted parking sign. Very clever, Banksy.
Downtown L.A. on Broadway

Detail of  "Park."

Peeing dog in Beverly Hills.

Charlie Brown on the Sunset Strip.

Charlie Brown on the Strip.

MBW on La Brea Ave.

Detail of MBW artwork on La Brea Ave.
Photos By Ted Soqui © 2011